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Hello! My name is Lindy Kurt, and I make the Stand-Rite standing frame.

I have a medical condition called Guillain-Barre`Syndrome. I know what it is to be disabled. My therapist suggested standing frames as part of an overall program. I couldn't find a basic frame that was easy to use and had the amenities needed. So I, with my son, proceeded to come up with a standing frame for all my needs. I used it, tinkered with it, and believe we have a unit that can be an intregal part of a complete rehab program.

The Stand-Rite standing frames has helped me gain strength in my back and legs, to offset the effects from being in a wheelchair all day. It allows me to stand and gain more flexibility, plus the feeling of being up again. Because of exercise and therapy using the Stand-Rite frame, I have better circulation and breathing. Now I can stand upright and walk a little with the aid of a walker.

I am sure our Stand-Rite standing frames for disabled will benefit you as it has me.

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